List Of Esthetician Schools Online: Courses, Schools & Certification

List Of Esthetician Schools Online: The online esthetician school can be a fantastic option for students to continue their education and meet their long-term goals, without having to commit to the amount of time required to complete a traditional four-year diploma when they enroll in an online school for estheticians.

List Of Esthetician Schools Online

List Of Esthetician Schools Online

About Esthetician

Esthetician is a professional in beauty who is specialized in skincare. They provide salon and spa services like facials and body wraps as well as skin polish and removal of hair waxing, make-up, and hair removal treatments.

Through an online esthetician school course, anyone can begin a successful career as an esthetician. The Esthetician classes help students build the necessary skills they need to be successful in their career goals.

To help you get ahead in your goal, go through this article to gain more in-depth information about the fantastic esthetician school on the internet. We will also explore some of the key concepts surrounding the profession of an esthetician.

Who Is Esthetician?

A esthetician is an individual who is specialized in beautification and enhancing of your skin. They assess the health of the skin of their clients to determine which treatments would most effectively improve the appearance of the person and then administer the treatments to the customer.

The treatments include facials, removing hair that is not needed, apply microdermabrasion or apply chemical peels. offer skincare products, and much more.

Estheticians don’t diagnosis or cure any disease or skin disorders. Their work is solely on skincare in relation to general health and appearance.

Their education, however, lets them spot skin issues that require the assistance of dermatologists, doctors who is specialized in skin conditions. Another term of Esthetician refers to Aesthetician.

What Does An Esthetician Do?

As mentioned earlier, Estheticians offers a wide range of services, from simple facials to peels and hair removal, to laser therapy, microdermabrasion, body wraps, and even make-up applications depending on the job setting or wants of clients.

Therefore, Employers generally expect Estheticians to be able, skilled and competent:

  • Provide quality facial treatments for skincare issues
  • Advise clients and suggest treatments tailored to their individual needs
  • Perform face and scalp massages for therapeutic or relaxing purposes
  • Remove hair by exfoliation, waxing, threading, or with chemicals
  • apply make-up/makeovers and make-up applications for special events
  • Facial extraction to remove blackheads.
  • Perform facial and body masks, wraps, sugar and salt scrubs, and compression wraps, etc.

List Of Online Esthetician Courses

The online courses offered by esthetician schools vary; some are focused on cosmetology, while others are geared towards skincare. This is why it’s crucial for anyone who is aspiring to work as an Esthetician to determine what they’d like to focus on.

Here are some online courses offered by the Esthetician covers.

  • Beauty Therapy and Makeup
  • A foundation in skincare
  • Hair removal
  • Cosmetic chemistry
  • Color theory
  • Human anatomy
  • Physiology, etc.

15 Best Esthetician Schools Online

Below is a comprehensive list of 15 best schools that offers esthetician certification online:

  • Westside Tech
  • W Academy of Salon and Spa
  • Penn Foster High School
  • West Tennessee Business College
  • West Georgia Technical College
  • Victory’s Academy of Cosmetology
  • VICI Aveda Institute
  • University of Spa and Cosmetology Arts
  • Wiregrass Georgia Technical College
  • Universal Career School
  • Paul Mitchell Schools
  • Empire Beauty Schools
  • Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics
  • Ogle School
  • Mirage Spa Education

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