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Australia although not the greatest but it is among the most desirable destinations for study abroad for all well-meaning International Students. There are numerous scholarships available in Australia that are available to Australian as well as international students.

The Rhodes Scholarships for International Students is among Australia government Scholarships for students from abroad that are in an eminent position in Australia’s welcoming package for students from other nations.

Here is a list of all Australia Scholarships available to international students as well as Australian Nationals at all levels. They are provided by the top universities in Australia along with the Australian government, the agencies of her government, as well as people, groups, and non-governmental organizations.

These scholarships are designed to relieve your financial burdens as you pursue the studies you are taking in Australia.

There are fully funded scholarships and tuition waivers, as well as fellowships, internships and grants, free online classes as well as boot camps. The scholarships are offered annually to those who have made the cut in the round.

The Education System in Australia

Australia officially, also known as known as the Commonwealth of Australia, is an independent sovereign state that encompasses the Australian continent as well as Tasmania, the island of Tasmania and a few smaller islands.

In Australia it is mandatory to attend school between the ages of five and six between the ages of 15 and 16 according to the state or territory as well as the birth date.

For secondary and primary education around 60 percent of Australian students attend public schools, out of the remainder, around 40% are in independent or private schools. In tertiary education the majority of Australian schools are public. tuition fees are covered by the student loan program where the payment is made after graduates attain the income level they need to be at.