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❣️😻 SHE IS πŸ’¦πŸ˜»
❀️ MINE πŸ”
(She’s owned by an arrogant Greek god)
(She hurt my mother, now she has to pay 😠)
Written by Authoress Ti Fe πŸ’žπŸ“š


The car stopped abruptly and I hit my head on the seat that was in front of me. I looked at mother and I saw she also hit her head and her head was bleeding.
“Mother.” I called fearfully and I saw she was already unconscious.
“What the f**k happened!!!” I roared in anger.
“Boss we are so sorry. A last tried to save a pigeon so she got in front of the car and I had to apply the breaks as soon as possible so as not to hit her.” The driver said through the window and I got so vexed.

“So you hurt my mother for some street b**ch!!!” I yelled and he went on his kneels immediately. I brought out my pistol in anger and shot him right on his head.
I heard the screams of the women as they rushed into their shops. I climbed down the car and then I saw the mess my cars were already.
“B**tch.” I mumbled in great anger.

“Get mother to the hospital now! I will meet you there after killing that b**ch.” I said to one of my drivers and they moved her to the last car on the line.
They zoomed off with the great speed I was expecting. I looked at the other men who looked so terrified.
“Where is the lady?” I asked and they began to walk to the front. I looked at my cars as I walked, and I sighted the scratchs and damages, the anger in me multiplied.
We got to the car in front and I couldn’t see any young lady.
“Where the f**k is she?” I asked looking at my men and they looked around.
“She was right here trying to save a pigeon.” One said and I sighted a pigeon shop. I then saw a woman there looking at us.
I suspected she knew the young lady in question, so I stormed into the shop. I grabbed her by the hair and dragged her out.
My men didn’t help me because they knew when it comes to my mother I love treating it all by myself.

I made her kneel and I heard screams from the other women. My men shot some bullets to the sky and the all went silent at the sound of the gun shots.

“I know you are here somewhere young lady. And I know you won’t want me to blow this Woman’s head off right in the front of this children.” I said pointing the gun to her head.
“I will count to three and if you don’t surrender, I will kill her, kill the children and later look for you and kill you.”
“One!” I called looking around and I saw no one.
“Two!” I called corking my gun.
“Three!” I called and was almsot pulling the trigger when I heard someone yell.
“Don’t! Please don’t!” I heard the person say. Her voice sounded sweet but full of fear. That’s what I wanted.
“Come to my front!” I roared and I waited for the b**ch to appear. And then she walked past me with her head bowed. It was obvious she was shivering.
“So you are the Pigeon saviour right?” I asked walking to her.
“Am sorry.” She said in tears.
“Raise up your head now.” I said and she rose up her head showing me her…
“Wtf! Is she the one?” I asked the men and they nodded.
“Yes boss.” They replied and I looked at her again.
“How would she be so beautiful?” I thought raising up her head well with my gun and she was shivering.
“Can you at least let her go. Then you can kill me if you want to.” She said and brought me back to my senses.
“So you really want to die.” I said walking in front of her.
“I don’t think I really have a choice here. So just get down to what you want to do.” She said and I looked at her.
“Wow. Such guts.” I said looking at her.
“Get her in the car.” I said and I saw her look around her in shock.
“Why get me in the car? Why not kill me here?” She asked as the men carried her.
“Maybe I changed my mind about killing you. I have better punishments.” I said looking at the woman on her kneels and shooting her on the head before walking to the car.
Someone must die for what happened to my mom.
“Why did you kill her! She didn’t offend you!” She yelled in tears as they threw her into the car.
“Take her home. I will get to the hospital.” I said and they nodded. I hopped into the car and we drove off the market.

With great speed we got to the hospital, the men opened up the door for me and I ran into the hospital thinking about mother.
Immediately the nurses sighted me, they led me to the ward, without asking me any questions.
Of course they can’t. I would f**king blow their heads off.
We got to the ward and the doctor walked out just in time, removing his gloves.

“Mr Ramson.” He called smiling.
“How is she doc?” I asked ignoring his greetings and looking into the ward through the transparent glass on the door.
“It was a minor scratch on her forehead. She went unconscious due to the shock, you know she is old now. Her health is weak and she shouldn’t experience any shock from now. Or else it will affect her heart.” He explained and I kept mute looking at mother through the glass.
“Can I see her?” I asked and he nodded.
“Sure. I will be in my office.” He said and walked away. The men opened the door and I walked into the ward.
The nurses in there saw me and walked out,leaving only mom and I in the ward.
“Mother.” I called and she opened her eyes looking at me. Her head was bandaged.
“Hey son.” She said smiling and I sat close to her holding her hand.
“How are you feeling now?” I asked trying not to cry.
“Am fine Ransom, it was just a scratch.” She said and I nodded.
“She will pay for what she did.” I said and mother tightened her grip on my hand.
“Please don’t kill her okay? She was trying to save the pigeon. She must have a good heart. We were too fast.” She said and I shook my head.
“Nothing justifies her. She brought you to the hospital, she has to pay.” I said in anger.
“Don’t kill her. I beg you.” She said and I sighed.
“Fine. I won’t kill her, but she will suffer it.” I said and she looked around.
“Where is she?” She asked.
“I asked my men to take her home.” I said and she looked at me sighing.
“Am serious mother. I won’t kill her, but I am not promising you that she won’t suffer for it.” I said and I shook her head.
“You are so troublesome.” She said and I looked away.
“You should be able to go home,since it’s a scratch.” I said standing up.
“The doctor told me I can go home anytime.” She said and I smiled.
“That’s good news. We would go home right away.” I said and she nodded. As she did I guess she felt pain in my head and she winced.
“Are you okay?” I asked fearfully.
“Yes I am. Just a slight pain.” She said and I grew more angry. This girl will surly pay. She will regret this.

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