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(She’s owned by an arrogant Greek god 🀭)
(She hurt my mother, so she has to pay 😠)
Written by Authoress Ti Fe πŸ’žπŸ“š
Genre: Erotica, romance, drama, suspense.

Beyonce Bitmony is a young, beautiful, and gentle girl. Known all over Tantus street for her humility and beauty. She is 20 years old.
It’s so sad that Beyonce happens to be an orphan. She grew up in the orphanage home all her life and it’s so sad that no one actually adopted her.
She kept asking herself why she wasn’t taken home by barren couples but she got no replies to that until one day she summoned courage to ask her guardian.
And she was told that her parents were killed by the people of the town because they were engaged in witchcraft.
“Why would they say they are engaged in witchcraft? Did they hurt anyone?” She asked Ma’am Anita and she shook her head.
“I don’t know, but those were the rumors. The couples get getting scared of because of your story saying no wonder you are the most beautiful.” She said and Beyonce took it in trying not to break down.
When she was 20, she decided to leave the orphanage home to the streets. She knew she was becoming a burden to them back at the home.
She got into the streets in search for a job to earn a living when she met with….
Ramson Salvatore, a 26 year old working class man, known for his very handsome face and muscular built body. He was nicknamed a Greek god by the women who admired his beauty.

He was every ladies dream, he always had them lined up at his door begging for him to f**k them. Which he did delightfully.
He was also feared for his character and association with people. He was very rude, arrogant, mean, anything you call it.
It was all in him. Trust me, he gained that pride from the excess money he gained in a day.
He loved to f**k women a lot. He never really had his heart for any lady apart from his mother who suffered domestic abuse from his stepfather. His mother was known as his weakness.

But who can get to his mother? No one! He had her guarded 24/7.
Ramson met with our gentle Beyonce on the streets where she was still in search of a job.
Their meeting wasn’t a pleasant one and that got Mr Arrogant really pissed. And he decided to avenge our poor Beyonce’s mistake by taking her to his house.
And this where the whole story started.
What made Ramson take Beyonce to his house?
Will her stay there be pleasant?


I looked at the orphanage home again knowing I was going to miss it so much. I can’t keep staying there. I am old enough to feed myself.
All my friends since I was young are now in their new homes and as for me. As the unfortunate child, can’t get any parent.
I wonder what my parents used witchcraft for. I walked away from the door trying not to cry. My guardian begged me to stay but I refused.
I am twenty. I need to continue my life as a young free living lady. I need to know how out there really looks like.
My bags were in my hand, they contained my clothes and other things like my cream and hair comb.
I looked around the streets not knowing exactly where to head to. But I didn’t want to go back so I kept walking.
Anywhere the night meets me, there I will lay my head. I had packaged food in a small bag. My guardian had it arranged for me when I insisted on leaving. The food would serve for the whole of today.
She told me something that kept ringing in my head. Which is;
“There are bad men out there, all they want to do is get in between your legs. Beware.” She told me and it has always been on my mind.
I got to the main road and I saw many shops opened. Don’t be surprised I am acting new in the place I have lived for 20 years.
They never allowed me leave the compound because they knew I could get molested or killed by the people of the town.
Immediately some shop owners sighted me. They ran into their shops and locked it up. Some ran inside and began to whisper things to themselves.
I felt so ashamed as they did. Now I see why they never allowed me step out of the compound. They knew this would happen.
I took to my heels running down the road in pain. I realized that if I want to start my life brand new, I needed to go to a place where they have never heard of my parents.
No one will ever give a job around here.
I kept running and I felt my heart would cease any moment from now. I got into two buildings to catch my breath.
I rested my back on the wall breathing very hard. I looked around me and I saw i was in a different place.

“Did I run that long?” I thought looking back to see I have ran almost five streets.
I guess I can start my life around here. I walked out of the buildings and when people saw me they looked away like I was a normal person.
I was so happy that I wasn’t chased or something. They didn’t know me. That I was sure of.

It looked like another town. Or will I say another City? I walked admist the shops and I sighted a shop which pigeons in it.

“Wow.” I exclaimed in me. They looked beautiful, they had different bright colors.
I brought out the rice balls ma’am Anita packed for me and put some on my hand. I raised up my hand and when they saw the grains, they rushed to my hand eating from my palm.
I laughed as their beaks tickled my palm. I looked up and I saw a woman looking at me from the inside of the shop.

I guessed she was the owner of the shop and of course the pigeons. She watched me from inside the shop as they finished up the rice in my palm.
When it was finished, they flew back into the shop. I smiled looking at the birds one last time before turning my back to go when the woman spoke up.
“They like you.” She said and I looked back to see her smiling at me.
“I like them too.” I said walking closer to the shop.
“You are new here?” She asked and I nodded.
“Yes it’s quite obvious right.” I said raising up the bags of my luggages and she shook her head.

“Not that. People around here mind their business. They have never fed my birds before, but when you did I realized you were new.” She explained and I nodded.
“Am new. Looking for shelter and a job.” I said and she invited me in.
“Sit.” She said and I smiled sitting.
“Thanks.” I replied and she sat in front of me too.
“What’s your name?” She asked.
“Beyonce.” I replied hoping she won’t ask for my father’s name.
“Well am Tonia.” She said and I smiled nodding.
“So where are you from?” She asked and got lost in thoughts. I can’t let her know where I am from, she may end up chasing me out of the shop.
“My father died before I was born, and my mother died a day before yesterday. Since then

I have been deprived of their properties and I have been on the streets.” I explained and I saw pity on her face.
“Don’t you have a family?” She asked and I shook my head.
“No I don’t.” I replied and she sighed.
“I can help you. I see you have a pure heart. You can start working here as from today. But you have to sleep here cos my husband won’t want a stranger in our home.” She said and I felt so happy.
“Thank you so much Ma’am. I am so grateful. I will be fine staying here.” I said and she smiled.
“Good. Drop your bags in the shop, I will show you how things are done here.” She said and I nodded standing up with my bags.
When I was walking out, I heard the noises of cars and I saw the women, both young and old peeping out their shops with a large grin on their faces.
“What’s going on?” I asked Mrs Tonia as I saw she was also staring outside her shop.
“Ramson will be passing soon. Those are his men in the three cars in front.” She said pointing to the chairs approaching us really fast.

“Why are they in so much rush? Don’t they know children can be playing on the road. This is a market.” I said and she placed her finger on her lips shutting me up.
“Never say anything against Ramson. You won’t last a day. Especially his mother.” She said and I looked at the cars which were lined up accordingly as they moved.
“Who is this anways?” I thought when they got closer and then I saw one of the pigeons on the road eating rice.

“There’s a pigeon!” I yelled looking at the car and the distance which was very little. I need to save the pigeon.
I ran out of the shop and I heard the women yelling but I didn’t answer, I really didn’t want to see that Pigeon die.
I got to the pigeon and took it in my hand throwing it into the shop and shut my eye tight expecting the worst.

To my surprise noting touched me, but I heard the sounds of hits. The car pressed the breaks suddenly and I guess the cars coming behind collided with it from behind.


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