STORY! Billionaire Roommate… Episode 4

Story Billionaire Roommate
Written by chidusky

{Apple of her obsession}

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Billionaire Roommate Episode 4


Lana’s POV;
My alarm rung so loudly that I nearly yelp in fright.
Damn this thing.
I grabbed the digital alarm clock and smashed it on the wall.
For starter, I am not a morning person.
I climb down from the bed and groaned loudly.
F**k, that was a great sleep.
I walk inside the bathroom and ease myself after which I picked up my toothbrush and squeezed a little amount of toothpaste in it and started brushing my mouth.
After brushing my teeth I took my bath under the shower.
A cold shower.
I walk inside my closet and search through my clothes, looking for a decent cloth to wear.
I found a washed out blue jean and a white tank top.
After wearing it I stared at myself on the mirror.
Not bad.
I grabbed the key to my truck and walk out of the room.
I went inside the kitchen and found Tyler eating breakfast already.
Stingy much?
“Good morning.” I mumbled and walk pass him. He ignored me.
Like seriously? He totally ignored my greetings, he ignored my whole existence.
I peak at his front to know what he was having.
Toast and tea?
Aye, not bad.
Guess I’ll have that as well.
After making my own toast and tea, I sat down beside him at the kitchen counter and started eating mine.
“Can you please keep it low?” He asked, his eyes focusing on the toast on my hand.
“Yea right, sorry.” I mumbled.
After breakfast, I grabbed my backpack from the table and ran towards the door then I remembered something.
“I never get to ask you, are you a freshman as well?” I asked him, he narrowed his eyes at me and I quickly waved my hands in the air.
“I didnt mean to intrude, just a little bit curious.” I added.
“Not freshman.” He simply replied and walk off to his room.
Be a little humble Mr billionaire.
I ran inside the elevator and pressed the number to the first floor.
The elevator ride was frustrating and annoying.
The damn thing wasn’t fast and I felt like punching the daylight inside it.
I get inside my truck and drove off.
I have a huge feeling that today will be hot.
I just how it is,I’m tired of this boring Seattle.

My first class was psychology so I hurried towards the hall with the help of the map of course.
I sat down at the second row and brought out my notebook and pen.
“Hello student and welcome to your first semester, I am professor Corey.”
“Professor Corey,you’re hot.” I said before I could sew my mouth.
Well can you blame me?
He is drop dead gorgeous.
“Well thank you, now can we proceed.” His voice faded when I enter the little fairytale world of mine.
“Hey, you are a freshman as well?” A voice asked behind me, bringing me back from my dreamland.
“Wow, you’re very pretty.” She mumbled and touched my braided hair.
Thats a first.
“Well thank you.” I replied and blushed.
“My name is Aliya, what’s yours?” She queries.
“I’m Lana, Lana Jonas.”I replied her, she helped me up from my seat and both make our way out of the hall.
“So do you have another class today?” She asked me.
“English, but that is in thirty minutes time.”
“Great, let go to the cafeteria.” She didn’t wait for my opinion.
She practically dragged me to the cafeteria.
She ordered for donut and coffee.
“Are you from Seattle?” I found myself asking her and she nods.
“Yes, I grew up in Seattle. My life revolves around this place.” She explained and chuckled.
“Well my dad and I lives in the province of Pennsylvania. I am not a city girl.” I said and chuckled.
She laughed and shook her head.
Aliya and I have just known each other for ten minutes but I’m totally into her.
She is cool, I like her.
“What are you studying?” I asked her but she didn’t reply.
Something or rather someone has caught her attention and that of everyone else in the cafeteria.
Tyler Swift.
Again, his bodyguards were lurking around him.
Our eyes met and I quickly divert my gaze to a flushed Aliya.
“Oh my God, oh my God, he is staring at me Lana……..Ty is staring at me.” She said nervously.
I was irritated, all I wanted to do was wipe off that crazy smile out of her face.
Tyler took a seat at the far end of the cafe that has three boys sitting there.
Are they his friends?
“Why were you blushing so much?” I asked her.
“Let me tell you a secret.” She whispered under her breath and took a swift glance around.
“I have a huge crush on Tyler, we studied at the same high school.” She said and I raise an eyebrow.
What’s that supposed to mean?
“I really really hope he notice me someday, he is one hot piece of cake.” She mumbled and took a bite of her donut while watching him.
Oh man!
I don’t blame her.
Tyler’s beauty needs to be prosecuted.
That dude is hella fine, I felt so jealous.
How can a guy be so pretty? And I’m here looking all cursed?

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