STORY! Billionaire Roommate… Episode 2

Story Billionaire Roommate
Written by chidusky

{Apple of her obsession}

Officially Written By ©PROMISE DAVIS MAUREEN

Billionaire Roommate Episode 3


Lana’s POV:
I unpacked my bags and hang my clothes inside the closet.
Damn this place was Huge!
If his apartment is like this, I wonder how his mansion will be.
Oh Lana stop chasing after you shadow.
After everything I changed into a bump short and gray baggy shirt.
I walk out of the room to at least find something eatable.
I went inside the kitchen and opened the fridge, it was stock up with food.
I knew that I’ll be very lucky here.
Bringing out chicken, vegetables,and four pack of noodles.
I’m a eater.
“What are you doing?” A voice asked behind me.
I quickly turned around and was met with the pretty gaze of Ty.
I smiled and pointed at the noodles.
“I want to cook noodles, I’m hungry.” I told him, he raise his eyebrow and glanced behind me.
“I never said that you can touch my stuffs.” He said and I frowned.
“Dont worry I’ll pay you, and oh don’t worry I won’t leave dirt on your properties.” I told him.
He ignored me and turned his back then walk out of the kitchen.
I shrugged and turned on the gas cooker then opened the cabinet.
After cooking the noodles I shared it into two plates and carried both to the living room.
“Here, this is yours.” I stretched out my hand. He accessed me for a while then shook his head.
“It’s not like im going to poison you or something. Just to say thank you for letting me stay here.” I told him with a smile.
“Yea you should thank me. There are rules though.” He lazily said and brushed his hand on his hair.
“When I have visitors over i won’t wantbyou yo be nosy. I don’t like people shouting I like to have my peace of mind.
Thirdly, I hate dirt so if you are dirty find a solution to it.
Fourthly,i would like the news of both of us living together a secret, I don’t want to hear it from anyone.
Fifthly, when you see me in school just act like you don’t know me.”
Wait! All this rules for only me?
Damn this rich dude must be capping.
“Do you hear me.”
“Yes, rest assured I’ll not tell anybody anything. I cross my heart.” I replied and winked at him. “But still you’ve got to collect this from me.”
He just stood up and walk away.
What a dickhead!

I dropped both plates on the table and started eating then grab my phone from my short pocket.
I dialed papa’s number and wait for him to pick up.
At the third ring he did.
“Hey Papa.”
“Lana how was it? Your school.” He asked.
“Papa Seattle is very beautiful, the school is nice but the hostel room are not to talk about.” I replied angrily.
“Is that so? So where are you now?” He asked.
I’m sure that he was worried about me, I’m sure he’s thinking about sending me some money.
“I got lucky dad and…..”
I was anout to tell dad that I live with Tyler Swift, but then I remembered his rules and my promise to him.
“You got lucky and?”
“And a new girl who had an apartment outside the school allowed me to stay with her.” I lied.
It wasnt a total lie because I was squatting with Tyler then.
“Okay Lana, be careful alright?”
“Okay papa, I love you.” I said and kissed my phone.
“Love you too, take care.” He said and the phone went off.

The doorbell rang and I rushed to go and open it.
I sneak peak from the keyhole and saw that it was one of those hefty men that brought my stuffs earlier.
I pulled the door open and smiled at him.
“Hi, are you looking for Tyler? He is…..”
He didn’t even let me finish before he walked pass me.
I was getting infuriated but I decided to keep my cool.
It is your first day here Lana, you can’t start an argument just yet.

Tyler’s POV:
A small knock came on the door and I rushed towards it.
I hope it’s not that girl again.
I pulled the door open and it was Dominic.
He walk inside while I closed the door behind me.
“Why are you here again?” I asked leisurely and sat back on my bed.
“Mrs Swift ordered me to stay here with you, she doesn’t trust the new girl.” He retorted and I scoffed loudly.
I knew it’d be Mom.
She sometimes treat me like that fifteen years old boy.
“But boss……”
“I said I don’t need protection Dom, she is just a little girl anyway. How can she harm me?” I asked and chuckled.
“I won’t leave you Tyler.” He said and I rolled my eyes.
Ask of a stubborn bodyguard and I’ll present Dominic.
“Whatever, go to your room I’ve got to sleep.” I said and lay down on the bed. “Lock the door behind you.”


I love the interaction between Lana and Tyler🥰
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