STORY! Billionaire Roommate {Apple of her obsession}… Episode 2

Story Billionaire Roommate
Written by chidusky

{Apple of her obsession}

Officially Written By ©PROMISE DAVIS MAUREEN

Billionaire Roommate Episode 2


(Billionaire lifestyle)

Lana’s POV:

I stared at him, wide eyed.

“Can we go now, we can go and fetch my things inside that rusty hostel.” I told him.

He look amused, his lip twitch up and he wear the mask again.

“Which number is your hostel room?”He asked me.

“Number 25, why?” I asked him. He snapped his finger and two hefty men came out from his side.

“They will fetch your stuffs, let’s go.” He lead the way and I quickly hand over the room key to the guy.

I followed Tyler behind and he came to a stop beside the Lamborghini that I saw earlier.

“This baby is yours?” I asked him. That is weird.

I can’t picture him driving a pink car.

“That’s my cousin’s.” He said and unlock the car.

He watch me as I rushed to my truck and turn on the engine then follow his car closely.

The drive back to his apartment was not that far.

Twenty minutes drive.

We stopped in front of a huge apartment complex.

This place, it was so big and beautiful.

Surely for the elites like him.

“Let’s go.” He led the way and I followed him closely behind.

“Good day Mr Swift.” The elevator girl greets.

“I’ll see you later Eleanor.” He said to her and the girl nodded.

We enter the elevator and I kept looking around me, the elevator was made of glass.

Everything was glass, suddenly I became afraid thinking maybe it will break.

“This thing, won’t it break? It look so fragile.” I told him, he was silent. Ignoring my small talk.

“Hmmmph! See if I care.” I mumbled and fold my arms.

Of course I care, I’ll be living with him from now onwards.

The elevator stopped at the top floor and he pressed in his pass code.


We walk inside the suite and I fell on my face while watching the place in awe.

“Ouch.” I cried out and quickly stood up.

He was looking at me but didn’t say a word. He didn’t even try helping me up.

Such a meanie.

But to be candid, this suite is like heaven on earth.

“Here is the living room as you can see, the kitchen is right there.” He said and walk to the far end the living room.

“This is your room, you can change it to a barbie world I don’t really care.” He added and just like that, he walked off.

Who the hell does he think he is?

I opened the door to my room and my jaw dropped open.

This is unbelievable!

I can change it to my barbie world!

I climb on the bed and jumped up happily.

Yes yes yes!

Thank you Tyler Swift.

You made my princess room idle come through.

Now it’s time to fix it the way I like, just when I climb down from the bed my eyes randomly look at it again.

A King size bed, a huge chandelier on the ceiling. The room was painted white, there was a small couch beside the bed.

A huge vanity mirror.

Everything was perfect!

I walk towards the window and pulled opened the heavy curtain.

I can clearly see the view of Seattle from up here!

A knock came on the door and I rushed to open it.

It was Tyler’s bodyguard.

“Your stuffs.” He pushed everything inside the room then left.

At least be polite.

This rich people are so spoiled.
Tyler’s POV:

I could here her from my room, from her voice she was clearly happy.

I sigh and sat down on the couch, a glass of red wine in my hand.

I can’t really understand what happened to me back there when I told her to move in with me.

I couldn’t believe what i did but, what’s the harm?

The worst is that, I don’t even know the girl.

What if she was just a spy send by my enemies?

What if she’s an assassin?

Well if she’s any of those two then she messed with the wrong person.

“Whattttttttt! My barbie world!” I heard her yell.

Well yes, her room wasn’t soundproof like mine so I can hear everything she is doing.

I purposely place her there in case she is an enemy.

My phone goes off and I picked it up immediately.

It was my mother.

“Hello mom.”

“Tyler, you got a roommate?” She asked and I frowned. I know that since my Father’s was killed she had been so protective of me .

But I didn’t expect her to send someone to monitor me.

“Mom you shouldn’t be indulging in my private life even here in school.” I said with a deep frown.

“You’re my son Ty, I’ll do what I think is best for you which is protection.” She added.

“I dont think she can hurt a fly. By the way tell Timothy to call me asap. Talk to to later mom.” I hung up and dropped my phone on the couch.

I’m sure the next thing she’ll do is to run a background check on that girl.

F**k, i don’t even know her name!


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