STORY! Billionaire Roommate {Apple of her obsession}… Episode 1

Story Billionaire Roommate
Written by chidusky
Story Billionaire Roommate

Story Billionaire Roommate

{Apple of her obsession}

Billionaire Roommate Episode 1

(Moving out)

Lana’s POV:
I placed my last stuff inside the truck and closed it.
All set.
“Hey dad, I’m good to go.” I called on my father. My father came out of the house and saw that I was indeed set.
“Okay Lana, call me when you get to Seattle okay?” He told me and I nodded.
I was feeling so emotional.
That was the first time I would be leaving the province to the city.
I’ll miss her dad the most then Cody my kitten.
My eyes stung with tears but I tried to hide it by hugging my father.
“I will miss you Papa.” I said, my voice laced with heavy emotions.
I felt as though I was going for a long time.
“I’ll be fine Lana, study hard and make me proud okay?”he said and I nodded.
Don’t cry Lana, don’t cry.
“Okay papa.”
“Now get going.” He playfully shoeed me and I smiled.
What can I do without this man? He has been my rock and everything for Nineteen years now.
My mother died when I was just mine years old.
The worst thing was that I witnessed everything.
I was traumatized by it but my father was there to guide me throughout the pain.
I took a final glance at the man who was watching me with admiration In his eyes and smile.
I waved my hand at him then entered the truck.
I ignite the engine and drove out of the compound.
Now I allowed my tears to flow.
I’ll really miss him.
My father has been my only friend, my everything.
I have no friends, who would want to be friends with a short badmouth girl?
My mouth and short temper has put me in so much trouble in the past, I could only hope that i could hold myself.
I drove inside the school compound and park my truck beside the so many sleek cars.
‘When will i get a fine baby like that one?’ I asked herself, pointing at the 2021 new model pink Lamborghini parked beside my truck.
Dont be greedy Lana. Manage what you have.

I grab her stuffs and went to the hostel room that was assigned to me.
Instead of seeing a pretty princess like room that I usually saw in movies, rather I saw a mad man resident.
“What the f**k is this?” I had asked herself.
I was so angry.
After spending some much energy to drive here, I will then start cleaning?
“This is ridiculous.” I added and hissed loudly.
I was so pissed beyond words.
Not knowing what else to do I decided to go and get a mob and cleaning detergent.
I grabbed her jacket, purse and car key then walk out of the God forsaken room.
“I wish i can burn it down.”
“That place is not even good for a dog.”
“A place that cant fit a cat.”
“What does that bald old man take me for?”
I keep ranting, my anger keeps rising.
So I entered her truck and started driving to whereever I deem fit.
I Don’t even know where the supermarket was.
I saw a mall and pulled up.
I walk inside the place, few minutes later I walk out wit mob, bucket and detergent in My hands.
I drove back to the hostel and carried what I got.
“I feel like burning this things.” I groaned and pushed the bucket forward.
I was acting crazy but i doesn’t care.
While ranting i bumped into a hard chest which sent me backwards.
A hand came forward and help steady me.
“Look where you’re f**king going mask guy,you can’t just go around bumping on people.” I said angrily.
“I can’t believe that I have to deal with that rusty room and you too.” I said sizing him up and down.
Why was he even wearing a mask?
Is he a celebrity or something?
Justin bieber?
“If your room is that bad you can come and stay in my apartment, the place is big to accommodate both of us.” He said and I jumped up in happiness.
Wait, his voice is so smooth to the ear.
My perfect symphony.
“Yes…..yes…wait! Are you a con artist, kidnapper or a drug dealer even?” I asked him, if he is then I’m going to scream.
He removed his mask and I gaped at him in shock.
I brought up my hand and rubbed my eyes.
No this is not a dream.
Tyler Swift!
Youngest multi billionaire, the only song of late Landon Swift.
“Close your mouth now will you?” He asked when I didn’t say a word.
I closed my mouth and open I then close it.
“I….forgive me CEO Tyler!”
My first day wasn’t as good as I thought it would be.
But then it wasn’t bad either. I just met the one.




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