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How to use WhatsApp Web on Desktop or Laptop

How to use WhatsApp Web on Desktop or Laptop
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How to use WhatsApp Web on Desktop or Laptop

WhatsApp Web and Desktop provide you all of the attributes of this messaging program, with the ease of a full size computer keyboard and display.

Since your WhatsApp account is connected to your contact number, it’s not really surprising it is considered first and foremost as a cellular program. Although this is good for messaging on the transfer, once you’re sitting in your desktop computer or notebook, it may be pain to need to change between devices as you rebound between working or surfing the internet, and keeping up with your own chats.

Well, you will be very happy to hear there is an option; you could utilize WhatsApp in your own PC.

How to use WhatsApp Web on Desktop or Laptop

How to use WhatsApp Web on Desktop or Laptop

In fact, there is more than one way to do this, so you can try them out and choose which works best for you. There are desktop apps available for both Windows and macOS, but there’s also a web-based version of WhatsApp if you don’t want to install this. WhatsApp Web is also a great option if you’re using Linux or a Chromebook and don’t have the luxury of a dedicated app.

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Whichever path you return, the experience is quite much like and it isn’t so far removed from how the mobile variant of WhatsApp work. Thus, let us have a look and find out how to begin using WhatsApp Web.



1. Download the Whatsapp desktop app

Before you Begin, You Have to Be Certain that you have WhatsApp installed and Functioning Correctly in Your Own iPhone or Android handset – you can get the app from the App Store or Google Play if you don’t yet have it. With this done, you’ll need to download the desktop app for either Windows or macOs, and you’ll find download links on the WhatsApp website.

2. Connect to your phone

When you download the program from a shop, or from WhatsApp, as soon as you’ve installed and found WhatsApp Desktop you will want to connect to a telephone — you don’t sign in the program in how that you may anticipate. When you initially launch the program in your computer, you will be greeted with a QR code.

Launch WhatsApp in your telephone, tap on the three-dot setting menu and then choose WhatsApp Web. Point your phone at the QR code and you will be logged in to your account.

3. WhatsApp on the web

You’ll have noticed in the preceding measure that the menu choice you use to attach to your account is tagged WhatsApp Web rather than WhatsApp Desktop. This is because there is also a website that allows you to use WhatsApp in a desktop web browser.

It works in very much the exact same way as the desktop program, and you can find it by going into The process of setting up and using the net and desktop version of the chat tool are the same.

4. Finding Your contacts On Whatsapp Web

The moment you scan the QR code, the WhatsApp Desktop (or WhatsApp Web) will synchronise with your telephone and you’ll see exactly the very same contacts and messages as you can on your mobile phone. It’s possible to continue a conversation that’s already Published by clicking on the name of your contact from your record to the left.

If you can not find the person you’re looking for or you wish to begin a conversation with someone new, type the name in the search bar and then click it at the outcomes that appear.

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