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Doble Kara On Max Tv
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Doble Kara 12 January 2021 On Max Tv:

Episode 36

Kara and Itoy decided to follow Alex and see what she was up to. Alex saw them and got upset because they were snooping around. She parked at an abandoned building and when Kara and Itoy got off their car to follow her, Alex asked her driver to drive back and run Kara over. The driver went full speed in reverse and Itoy jumped in Kara’s way to save her. He got hurt and Alex got off her car feigning concern. She asked Itoy if he was fine and asked to take him to the hospital but Kara told her to let Itoy go since she ran him over on purpose.

Kara went to bring her car so that she could take Itoy to the hospital but Alex asked her driver to help her and got Itoy in her car instead. Kara was alarmed when she saw them drive off. She called Seb to tell him that Alex had taken Itoy and then followed Alex’s car.
Alex was scared not knowing where Alex was taking him and was completely surprised when they entered the hospital! Kara was surprised too and when Seb called her, she told him that they were at the hospital.

Seb went with Laura to see Itoy and Laura took the chance to tell Alex that she would pay for everything she had done to them. Seb talked to Alex privately and thanked her for taking Itoy to the hospital. He said he understood that she meant no harm and could not have run over Itoy intentionally because she was not the one driving! Alex was delighted to hear this and thanked Seb for believing her.

Arellano learnt that Edward had left his house in a hurry so he asked his men to look into all of Edward’s properties and find out which of them he might be using to hide Sara.
Barbara met with her investigator and she gave him the address of Julio’s hideout. She called the chief of police and told him that she wanted to report an illegal business.
Julio had left the hideout by the time his men were ambushed by the police so they were not able to catch him.

Arellano’s men found the house that Edward was keeping Sara and they called him to inform him. Arellano was at Kara’s house looking for Seb when he received the call and Andy heard him. Andy told him that Seb went to the hospital to see Itoy because he had been hurt.

Sara had talked to Laura earlier and had learnt that the police aleady knew that she was with Dina. She told Banjo, Edward and Dina that they had to hide before they got caught when Banjo peeped outside and saw the police. They were waiting for Arellano to arrive so that they could ambush them but this gave Sara time to escape. Dina got her mother and they all ran from the back of the house.

Dina’s mother was sick and was not able to run. Dina asked Sara, Edward and Banjo to go without her but Edward said that they would not do it because she was the only person who could have Sara acquitted. He said he would stay behind to distract the police while they all ran.

By the time Arellano arrived, the house was empty. He asked his men to surround the Area and they found Edward. They asked him where Sara was but he denied having her at his house saying that if she was there then they would have found her. He was arrested.
Sara and the rest managed to escape but they could not run with Dina’s sick mother. Dina said that she would testify for Sara and asked her to take her mother to Dante. Dina left and Sara took her mother to Dante.
When Itoy was taken home, Andy told them that Arellano had gone after Sara. Seb went with Kara and Laura to the police station to see what had happened and when they got there, Dina arrived. She said that she was there to confess that the person who paid her to kidnap Isabella Acosta was Alex Acosta.
When Alex arrived at Julio’s house, he told her that his hideout had been raided. Alex told him that they had to hide before his men confessed and Julio agreed with her. They packed up some stuff and told Patricia that they were going on vacation. They took her with them as well.

When Arellano, Kara and Seb arrived at Julio’s house, they were already gone. Seb called Alex to ask her where she was without alarming her and heard Julio in the background saying that they were headed to a helipad. He told the police and they followed them. It was then that he revealed to Kara that he too had been investigating Alex.
When Julio, Alex and Patricia arrived at the helipad, the helicopter was not there because the pilot was late! Arellano arrived and said that he wanted to ask them some questions but Alex cried out in pain; she had been complaining about stomach pain for a while so they took her to the hospital.
As Alex was being treated, Julio asked Kara and Seb to leave and acted offended because they kept involving him in their issues. Kara told him that Dina had already confessed everything so he could not deny it. Arellano wanted to question Alex but Julio did not want him to disturb her since she was sick. The doctor came out and said that Alex was pregnant and only needed to rest. He also gave Arellano permission to interrogate her.
We ended as Laura called Sara to tell her that it was all over because Dina had already confessed everything and the police were after Alex…

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