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Doble Kara On Max Tv
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Doble Kara 11 January 2021 On Max Tv:

Episode 35

We started with Sara taking Dina and her mother to Banjo’s car so that they could escape. Dina did not want to go with her but Sara told her that she was safer with her because the men chasing her would catch her.

Dina finally agreed to go with them but when they got into Banjo’s car, the engine died. They had to hide because Julio’s men were still looking for Dina. After the men left, Banjo called Edward and told him that they needed his help.
When Edward arrived, Sara was not happy to have to involve him yet again. She accepted to ride with him because they had no other choice but then the problem of where they would run to came up. Sara did not want to take Dina to their hideout because it might endanger Becca so they had to find somewhere else to go. Edward offered to take them to one of his properties but Sara did not want to accept it. Banjo said that he too had asked Edward for help because they really needed it and she should accept it as well because they had nowhere else to go.

Paulo took a glass of milk to Hannah’s room and found her sulking. He asked her what was bothering her and she said that she did not have anyone to play with. Paulo noticed that Hannah missed Becca and told her to try and be nicer to Becca once she returned so that they could be friends.

Kara got home after arguing with Seb at Alex’s office and she told Laura and Itoy how he had taken Alex’s side even after what they had just learnt about her. She was preparing for bed later when Seb arrived and tried to talk to her. He tried to get her to understand why he had defended Alex but she told him that he was the one who had said that they would fight for the truth. They had learnt all these things about Alex but he still chose to defend her. She turned to her back and went to sleep. Seb watched her and inwardly apologized for keeping her in the dark but he had to do it so that he could catch Alex.
The police investigated Dina’s apartment building after the alarm went off and saw that Sara was the person who put it on. SPO1 Arellano was the one who recognized her from the CCTV footage and he concluded that Dina and Sara knew each other.
Patricia had been curious about what Julio had been hiding from her so she went into his room to look around. She found bundles of money and property transfer documents. Julio arrived home and Patricia had to hide so that he would not find her but he noticed that someone had gone through his things. He asked the nanny and Patricia too but they both said that they did not go into his room.

Alex arrived home on edge after the confrontation with Kara. She told Julio that they had a problem and commented that she felt better knowing that Dina was dead but Julio told her that Dina was still alive. Julio told her not to worry because he had already sent men to take care of it. Unfortunately, his men called him and told him that Dina escaped. When Alex learnt about it, she lost it! She told Julio that they should run away before they got caught but Julio said that she would not spend her time in hiding. He said that Dina would never tell the truth because she knew what he was capable of doing to her if she told on them.

Patricia sneaked out of the house to go see Paulo and Julio followed her. He was furious when he learnt that she had gone to see Paulo and he even pointed a gun at him. Alex and Patricia asked him not to shoot Paulo and Julio shot into the air as a warning. He told Paulo to leave or the next bullet he would fire would go to his head.
Barbara set up a meeting with Mr. Gomez at a Casino and told him that she liked gambling. They gambled together but Barbara’s money ran out and she said that she could no longer play. She was about to leave but Mr. Gomez told her that he knew someone who could lend her some money so that she could continue to play. Mr. Gomez took her to Julio’s contact who agreed to loan Barbara 3 million after inquiring from Julio. Barbara wanted to meet Julio but she was told that he never visited the Casino. Barbara however asked her investigator to follow the man when he left.

When Sara got to Edward’s house, they took Dina’s mother up to sleep. Sara then spoke to Dina about testifying for her but Dina told Sara that she could not do it. She told Sara that she did not know what she was up against and the best thing for her would be to leave with her daughter and go away. Sara told Dina that she knew Alex was behind everything and she would not go down without a fight. She therefore asked Dina to help her bring down Alex because Alex would not let her go free.
We learnt that a two men found Dina at the place where Julio’s men had dumped her body and they had saved her. They contacted her brother and he helped Dina hide from Julio. When Julio approached Dante to testify against Sara, Dina told him to do it because they needed the money to hide as well as for their mother’s medication.
SPO1 Arellano visted Kara and Laura to tell them that he had seen Sara at Dina’s apartment building so the two of them might know each other. Laura told him that Sara escaped from prison to find Dina and that was why they were together. She asked Arellano to stop hinting down Sara because she was looking for evidence but Arellano said that he had to do it because Sara was a fugitive. He said that he was starting to think Sara was innocent too but he had to do his job.
Kara and Seb were still unable to patch things up and Kara told Itoy that she would do whatever was necessary to find evidence against Alex.

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